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Trump, Putin and Mainstream Media Kool-Aid

The mass media is saturating us with the outrage of Russia hacking the U.S. election. Let’s look at some of the ways that this is propaganda and a good example of “fake news” –even if there’s truth to the claim!

Kill the Messenger

First of all, as Ben Swann points out at the end of the video below, Russia is NOT being accused of actually hacking election results. The charge goes back to Clinton’s hacked emails. Yet the charge “hacking the election” definitely implies something more, as in hacking the machines themselves. If Russia, or whoever hacked the emails, influenced the election, it’s only by making emails public that were supposed to remain hidden. In other words, we should forget about what the emails actually reveal and focus our outrage against the hackers (whoever they might be). This is classic “kill the messenger” mentality and a diversion. If you believe information should be free, especially regarding elected officials, ¬†who really cares who “hacked” these emails?

CIA Has a History of Interfering With Elections in Other Countries

The CIA, which now accuses Russia of interfering with U.S. elections has a long history of doing similar things in other countries. They also have a history of regularly lying to the American people! (see video and article below):

Russia Probably Did Interfere With The U.S. Election, But The U.S. Does That To Other Countries All The Time

What About Foreign Support of Clinton?

Why does the mainstream media downplay foreign support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well as the Clinton Foundation? Especially when some of their biggest supportest, such as Saudi Arabia, also funded terrorists?

Julian Assange: Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar