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Why Stories Are Better Than Predictions

Note: An edited version of this article has been published on Devtome. Many of us realize that we are living in something often called the Matrix -similar to what has traditionally been called maya or illusion. Characteristics of this include … Continue reading

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Latest Info on Mass Arrests

This is a recent video from Bill Wood (aks Bill Brockbader) on the imminent mass arrests. If you’re not familiar with this issue, see earlier posts on this blog, especially the interview of Drake by David Wilcock. The priority right … Continue reading

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Is It All Over For the Illuminati?

David Wilcock has been releasing a lot of information lately, and his latest section, called Divine Intervention, discusses a few promising developments. In fact, what he is saying is that the complete overthrow of the Illuminati/dark cabal is about to … Continue reading

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