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Our Updated and Translated TOS

Our Updated TOS (translated for the ignorant) We are once again, for the 1,201 time, updating our terms of service and you are responsible for reading every word, no matter how abstruse, contradictory or meaningless. If you want the privilege … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann’s View of ADHD

I read one of Thom Hartmann’s books on ADD/ADHD and attended one of his lectures and was impressed with his Hunter vs. Farmer view of the issue. It’s true that conventional society, including schools and most workplaces are designed with … Continue reading

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Seeing the Fnords in American Psychosis

An article recently published on the Adbusters site, American Psychosis, by Chris Hedges, has been widely shared and has apparently struck a chord with many readers. After reading it, I can see why, though my own feelings about it are … Continue reading

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Interview With Poof

This is an interview with Poof (as he calls himself) on coming changes in the world. There is more information about this interview on American Kabuki. There is so much information out there in the alternative media that it’s hard … Continue reading

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PETA and Animal Rights -Who Are They Really Helping?

As someone who cares about the welfare of animals (humans included), I’ve often wondered about what part PETA plays in the way people perceive this issue. I am admittedly susceptible to conspiracy theories, and I have a suspicion that PETA … Continue reading

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Rolling Jubilee -Buying Debt to Abolish it

Occupy Wall Street Campaigners Buy up Debt to Abolish it The Occupy Movement has been accused of being too unstructured, disorganized and lacking any type of practical plan. Now, however, some of them have come up with an interesting idea … Continue reading

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What I Dread About This Election

On the eve of this presidential election, my main worry is that it’s never going to be over. No matter who wins, we’re going to have to hear endless complaints, demands of a recount, accusations of fraud, claims of how … Continue reading

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Why Obama “Won” the Second Debate

Please see the previous post to make sense out of this one. As I was saying there, it’s essential to maintain interest in these public spectacles known as elections. This means keeping everything close, down to the wire. No doubt, … Continue reading

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Bill Maher: Bring Back the Draft?

In his latest show, Bill Maher came out in favor of the military draft. It’s become trendy for liberals to take this position. This is supposedly in response to the injustice of having such a small portion of Americans serving … Continue reading

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Owning Words

Note: This article was recently republished on Devtome. We all know that words and language can be used to deceive and manipulate as well as to convey and to inform. In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the state creates a whole … Continue reading

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