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Our Updated and Translated TOS

Our Updated TOS (translated for the ignorant) We are once again, for the 1,201 time, updating our terms of service and you are responsible for reading every word, no matter how abstruse, contradictory or meaningless. If you want the privilege … Continue reading

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The Strange Symbolism and Numerology of ISIS

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached the point where it’s healthy to be skeptical of everything we hear/read/see in the news, on TV and online -including BOTH MSM and conspiracy/alternative media! Keeping that in mind, several things … Continue reading

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What Independence?

As Americans get ready to celebrate another “Independence Day,” isn’t it time to reflect on whether or not there’s any independence left to celebrate? This video does an excellent job of explaining why things are no better now (an understatement, … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Spiritual Symbols

An important and enlightening article, by Angela Priitchard, published in Waking Times: Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us It’s true that many esoteric symbols have been hijacked for dark and manipulative purposes. One outcome … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann’s View of ADHD

I read one of Thom Hartmann’s books on ADD/ADHD and attended one of his lectures and was impressed with his Hunter vs. Farmer view of the issue. It’s true that conventional society, including schools and most workplaces are designed with … Continue reading

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How the Media Fabricates Obsessions

Here’s a story that’s a perfect example of how the mainstream media attempts to fabricate an obsession and then asks why everyone is obsessed with it. Americans Obsessed With Missing Plane This is just one example of how our attention … Continue reading

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Zebras, Lamarck and Teleology

A recent article on reveals the likely reason why zebras developed stripes. It turns out that this type of pattern causes light to reflect in a way that keeps away flies and other pests. What’s really so interesting about … Continue reading

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Is Snowden For Real?

Now that Edwards Snowden is making a new statement, it’s a good time to reassess his credibility. Most of the arguments about whistleblower Edward Snowden are whether he’s a hero exposing the secrets of a corrupt government or a traitor … Continue reading

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The Past, Present and Future of Skepticism

Skepticism is widely believed to be a trait of educated and sophisticated intellectuals. Yet the word is used in a variety of ways, many of them contradictory. Let’s delve into the history of skepticism and how it both helps and … Continue reading

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Alternative Media or Controlled Opposition?

Are shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Real Time With Bill Maher really as alternative as people like to believe? Or do they play the part of “controlled opposition” -actually serving the forces they pretend to subvert? I … Continue reading

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