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Monthly Archives : February 2017

Who is Really the Leader of the Free World?

Not another rant against (or for) Trump, but rather a deconstruction of this mindless term so often repeated. “Leader of the free world” is notable for its idiocy on multiple levels. First of all, WTF is the “free world?” Presumably, the Western “democracies,” as opposed to the “unfree” world, run by communist or fascist dictators. Of course, the truth is…

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Surrounded by Walls

Anyone who follows popular memes and synchronicities may have noticed the way the subject of WALLS is suddenly everywhere you look. First and foremost, there’s Trump’s ill-conceived wall to supposedly guard the borders. One of the most notable things about the proposed wall is that it’s such an anachronism. Not that long ago, the world was celebrating the collapse of…

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