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Monthly Archives : December 2016

Trump, Putin and Mainstream Media Kool-Aid

The mass media is saturating us with the outrage of Russia hacking the U.S. election. Let’s look at some of the ways that this is propaganda and a good example of “fake news” –even if there’s truth to the claim! Kill the Messenger First of all, as Ben Swann points out at the end of the video below, Russia is…

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Trump, Wild Cards, The Tower & Gollum

Trump as a Wild Card (see video at bottom of this post) Kryon is a popular “channeled” entity with hundreds of videos posted on YouTube. If you’re someone who automatically dismisses channeling as fake or deceptive, this won’t impress you. However, I find the Kryon material quite persuasive when taken at face value (that is not analyzing the process of…

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